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15 marketing tips for Nannies and Mannies

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Nannies and Mannies do you know how to market yourself? Here are 15 marketing tips for you:

  1. Professionalism: Always maintain a high level of professionalism. This includes your communication, appearance, and behavior. Families will likely prefer nannies and mannies who exhibit this quality.

  2. Experience and Skills: Highlight your experience and skills relevant to the job. This could include your years of experience, working in other countries, expertise in child development, knowledge of multiple languages, ability to tutor in specific subjects, etc.

  3. References: Have strong references from previous employers. Positive testimonials from past families you've worked with can be a powerful marketing tool.

  4. Online Presence: Maintain a professional online presence. This includes a professional website, LinkedIn profile, and clean social media profiles. Families will likely conduct an online search before hiring.

  5. Agencies: Register not only with reputable nanny agencies but also with agencies that place household personnel with clients. These agencies can help connect you with families looking for nannies and mannies.

  6. Certifications: Obtain relevant certifications such as CPR, First Aid, child nutrition, nannyguard certificate, etc. These certifications can make you more attractive to families.

  7. Flexibility: Show that you are flexible and willing to adapt to the family's schedule. This might mean being available for travel or working unconventional hours.

  8. Personalized Approach: Tailor your application or pitch to each family. Show that you understand their specific needs and can provide personalized service.

  9. Networking: Networking is crucial in this field. Attend events or join clubs where you might meet families looking for nannies. Personal recommendations can often be the key to securing these types of roles.

  10. Patience and Understanding: Demonstrate patience and understanding. Working with families can sometimes be demanding, but showing that you can handle specific demands with grace and patience can set you apart.

  11. Professional Portfolio: Create a professional portfolio showcasing your experience, skills, and qualifications. Include any certifications, such as CPR and First Aid, Nannyguarding as well as any degrees or relevant coursework.

  12. Special Skills: Highlight any special skills you have, such as fluency in another language, musical talent, sign language skills, or the ability to tutor in certain academic subjects.

  13. Maintain Confidentiality: Respect and maintain the confidentiality of the families you work for. Assure potential employers of your discretion and respect for their privacy. This is especially important when working with high-profile families or those who highly value their privacy.

  14. Continued Education: Show a commitment to your profession by engaging in continued education. This could be attending workshops, obtaining additional certifications, or even pursuing a degree in early childhood education.

  15. Clear Communication: Be clear about your services, fees, and availability. Transparency is key in building trust with potential employers.

Remember, every family is unique and will value different qualities and skills. Tailor your marketing approach to the specific needs and values of the families you want to work with.

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