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Mothers and nannies are being targeted in the latest crime wave affecting San Francisco

According to the latest article reported on yahoo!news, ''Baseball bat-wielding gangs of children are mugging mothers and nannies on the school run in the latest crime wave to hit San Francisco. Last week Noe Valley, also known as “stroller valley” because of the growing population of young families, endured 11 phone robberies that are believed to have been carried out by the same gang who are targeting women picking up children from school.

One woman was reportedly hit with a baseball bat, while another was punched in the face, before the offender ran to a getaway car and drove off. On Thursday the police had arrested one minor in connection with the 11 robberies and were searching for the others.''

It's so sad that even when the majority in our society sees mothers and nannies as a nurturing and guiding light for our children, and that they are always to be protected and cared for, the criminals will always see them as weak and easy targets, something to be preyed upon for their own gratification, nothing more, nothing less.

Mothers and nannies, you must always be aware and be on alert! This means knowing your route(s) and alternative routes well, being highly aware of your environment and surroundings, and watching for alerts and local updates...

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