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Children's Bodýguard

Nannyguards and Mannyguards are highly skilled caregivers who possess the necessary expertise, demeanor, and attitude to look after children while also providing an extra layer of security. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that our Nannyguards and Mannyguards are top-tier professionals who can anticipate and address any unforeseen needs that may arise.


When a Nannyguard or Mannyguard is placed with a family, they not only evaluate the typical responsibilities of a nanny, manny but also assess safety and security concerns that may not have been previously considered. 

By attending our Nannyguards course and joining our team, you'll broaden your skillset for working with High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) families, as well as celebrity and royal families, which will enhance your marketability. You'll also learn how to identify and respond to potential threats that may impact the child under your care and the family you work for, boosting your confidence and self-reliance, while also developing the ability to protect yourself and others.

Bodyguards for kids

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Our Mission

Our Nannyguards courses are conducted online, with a combination of pre-recorded and live interactive educational sessions led by our experienced instructors. You have the flexibility to learn from your own location, and you can choose the most convenient time for you to attend the sessions.

Student Centered

At Nannyguards, we believe in a student-centered approach. We recognize that every individual has different professional backgrounds and educational needs, and we strive to work with each student to bring out their best.

Career Support

We are committed to providing career continuum support to our nannies. We not only guide them through the job application process and interview with the client but also consult with them on any difficult professional situations that may arise. We are dedicated to ensuring that our nannies feel supported throughout their career journey with us.

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