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At Nannyguards, we uphold the highest standards of nanny education, training reliable and security-certified nannies with our team of experienced security professionals dedicated to delivering top-quality nanny/manny services that guarantee the safety, security, and attentive care of your family. Our Nannyguards and Mannyguards go above and beyond to safeguard your children, employing proactive measures and countermeasures to protect them from both intentional and unintentional harm. These classically trained and experienced nannies and mannies understand their paramount responsibility of caring for your children and their safety. While some of our clientele may be high-profile, such as celebrities, UHNW families, and CEOs, we extend the same unparalleled service to all families, recognizing the significant benefits of having a registered Nannyguard for every family with children.

Why hire a Nannyguard?

Nannyguards is a leading category-creating company, offering a one-of-a-kind service that not only assists families in nanny placement through our extensive network of Nannyguards and authorized placement agencies but also provides the world's first and only nanny safety and security training program, providing a much-needed peace of mind for families seeking quality childcare. Our extensive background in protecting people, working in federal law enforcement, and private investigations, traveling in foreign countries, training security personnel, and working with children uniquely qualifies us to shape the future generation of nannies.


Our company was established in response to the current global climate of strange, unusual, violent, and unforeseen circumstances, making Nannyguards the solution to ensure high-quality childcare. We go beyond typical nanny screening to deliver increased situational awareness and other security topics, providing training on how to protect your family from stalkers, paparazzi, kidnap attempts, sex offenders, and more, offering a distinct advantage over traditionally trained nannies.


Our Nannyguards are equipped with the necessary training to mitigate exposure to negative events and are well-prepared to make critical decisions to ensure children's safety. With superior training in the management of intentional or unintentional harm, our Nannyguards fulfill their role as overall caregivers, supporting the physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual development of the children under their care. Moreover, our services extend to families traveling in hostile parts of the world, ensuring that the children receive the utmost care and protection against all direct and indirect threats.

Family Protection


You can rest assured knowing that our nannies have undergone thorough background checks and vetting.

Safe Children


Our Nannyguards are equipped with security training and emergency response expertise, including how to handle natural disasters.

Family Safety


Our nannies exhibit a high level of professionalism and they respect the privacy of the families they serve with a strong commitment to confidentiality.

Child Safety Celebrity Kids


Our Nannyguards can enhance your family's safety during travels and provide assistance when needed.

child safety.

With Nannyguards
you can have peace
of mind knowing your
child is in the best care

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