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Bodyguards for Kids

Uniting the security industry for one great cause


we raised $22,000 

For years, St. Jude's hospital has treated children from all 50 states as well as from around the world. About 8,600 patients are seen at St. Jude annually, most of whom are treated on a continuing outpatient basis and are part of ongoing research programs. We have always been quite connected and moved by all those who spend their time, energy, and finances to affect and better the lives of little children. As we began our search for the charity we most wanted to work with, it became a simple decision to align ourselves with St. Jude's Children's Hospital. The mission and entire purpose behind them brought us to create this event.

Nannyguard's new project, Bodyguards for Kids, is the creation of a virtual networking and educational fundraising event every year where 100% of the donations and event fees will go to the children of St. Jude. In times when our industry peers are all going in so many different directions, we want to make this event something to remember and bring us all together as one for a good cause, medical assistance, and support for these young children.

We want this fundraiser to serve two purposes: To gather as many donations as we can for the children in need while our attendees also gain something they can learn from as well. We have created many options for an individual or a company to contribute and participate.

Get involved and be part of giving

Attend our event


Your donation is your ticket to participate in our educational virtual classes. Select the topic or topics that you are interested in, and learn from international subject matter experts in the security field. Your donation is also your ticket to our raffle prizes.

Minimum donation as a participant is $39

While we welcome all participants and all donations of any amount you wish to give, we offer additional recognition to those individuals or corporations who donate at or above the minimums listed below.

Event Sponsorship


If you own a security company, or even as a private person, you can make a donation in your or your company's name to our cause and be listed as an individual or company sponsor.


Minimum donation for individuals to be listed as event sponsors is $250

Minumum donation for companies to be listed as event sponsors is $500



Organizators and Media

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18 Virtual Security Courses 

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Corporate Sponsors

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Raffle Prizes

Independent Security Advisors and Matthew Parker are offering a full scholarship for their Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course. 
Optimal Risk Group Ltd is offering a full scholarship for their Surveillance Driving Course. 
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The International Protective Security Board is offering 4 tickets for their next IPSB conference 
The IFPO is offering a Certified Protection Officer (CPO) online training and certification course.
MC Global Security and Miranda Coppoolse are offering a one-on-one online mentoring session.
Fred Burton is offering 3 of his books, Beirut Rules, Chasing Shadows and Ghost confessions of a Countererrorism agent
Brian Jantzen is offering 10 copies of his book Public Figures, Private Lives
Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke is offering 3 copies of her book  The Protector
Michael Julian is offering 3 copies of his book 10 Minutes to Live
Colin Tansley is offering 1 copy of his book Mastering the Wolf
Mike Roche is offering 1 copy of his book Mass Killers
Kelly Sayer is offering 3 copies of her book Sharp Women
Shelley Klingerman is offering 1 copy of her book Vigilance
Jacquie Davis is offering 1 copy of her book  The Circuit
Thomas Pecora is offering 1 copy of his book Guardian
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