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Grow Your Clientele

If you are a nanny placement agency, you can enhance your marketability and placement results by enrolling your nannies and mannies in our Nannyguards training program. By doing so, you can sell your services to High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) families, celebrity families, and even royal families. Nannyguards is the next level in child care, providing not only a boost in skill sets related to the care and well-being of children but also an increase in professionalism, making it the new industry standard.

As the world continues to grapple with terrorism, kidnapping, and privacy concerns, Nannyguards are uniquely positioned to provide a safer environment, not only for the children under our care but also for the families we serve. With our heightened awareness, additional skill sets, and confident posture, Nannyguards bring more than just a safer environment - we bring peace of mind.

Child Security

At Nannyguards, the training our students receive is unlike anything else in the industry. Our nannies and mannies are trained to look at their charges differently and with a heightened sense of awareness. In the 21st century, our political, economic, and social landscapes are changing at an alarming rate, and it's impossible to ignore the tragic events revolving around terrorism, abduction, or abuse that are constantly featured in the news.


As an international company, we recognize that these issues affect people in different geographic locations and cater our Nannyguards training to meet those unique needs. This is because issues that were once exclusive to countries with long histories of civil unrest and terrorism are now happening everywhere, including the USA.


Our training program is designed to prepare nannies and mannies to navigate this rapidly changing world and to provide the highest level of care and protection for the children under their watch.

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