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Nanny Guards are trained to work with children in the capacity of nanny and security. Nanny Guards can work as stand alone bodyguards or become part of a personal security detail. NannyGuards are trained by Athena Worldwide, the industry leader in Female Bodyguard Training and Child Protection.

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It is Our Job to Help You

For Agencies

Why choose our Nannyguards®

Increase your marketability and placement results by sending your nannies and mannies to Nannyguard® training. 


Nannyguard® is the next level in child care.  Not only do Nannies increase skill sets directly related to the care and wellbeing of children, but also  improve professionalism and is widely accepted as the new industry standard.

With terrorism, kidnapping and privacy issues on the rise, Nannyguards® are here to provide a safer environment not only for the children we care for but for  the families we service. 


Nannyguards® increased awareness, additional skill sets and posture bring more than  a safer environment and they bring peace of mind.


What Makes a Nannyguard® Unique

Simply put the training a NANNYGUARDS® student receives is quite different from anything in the industry. Nannies are trained  to look at their charge differently. In the 21st century our political, economic and social landscape is changing at an alarming rate.  

You can hardly turn on the television without seeing another tragic event revolving around terrorism, abduction or abuse taking place. Since Nannyguards® is an international company we look at what affects people in geographical areas and cater the Nannyguard Certified Child Protection Specialist (CCPS) training to those needs. This is because issues that once only pertained to countries with long histories of civil unrest and terrorism are happening similarly everywhere including the USA.

Nannies/Mannies that attend our training and become Nannyguards® and carry our full Nannyguards® credential have validated nanny experience. But once these same nannies attend one of our training programs they are more acutely aware to conditions that revolve around Safety and Security.   

Female Bodyguards for Child Protection