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Dr.Mary Beth Wilkas Janke.jpg

Dr.Mary Beth Wilkas Janke

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Presentation Title: Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness and Surrounding Topics


Description: Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke will be defining mental health and mental illness, highlighting their differences, and talking about topics surrounding them. Why? Because we are at risk of causing harm and perpetuating stigma when we misuse these and other psychological terms. She will also discuss mental health myths, the most common mental health disorders in the United States, and some signs, symptoms, and treatments for mental illness. 

Bio: Dr. Mary Beth Janke has over 30 years of psychology, security, and investigative experience. As a psychologist, Dr. Janke has worked with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, adjustment challenges, trauma, women’s issues, and substance abuse. Dr. Janke has also conducted research and published work in the areas of stalking and domestic violence, self-esteem and young women, and stress management. Dr. Janke earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology after an illustrious and varied career that included being a Special Agent in the Washington Field Office the United States Secret Service. She went on to become a protection agent on numerous government contracts and was the only female to ever officially protect a foreign president outside of the United States.

As part The Investigative Group, Inc., a global leader in investigative intelligence in Washington D.C., Dr. Janke lead an inquiry during the “Iraqgate” investigation and an investigation for 60 Minutes on the Duke Lacrosse scandal. She also served as a counselor in the Stalking Unit of Victim Services in Queens, NY, during which time she researched and created a Stalking Risk Assessment Prototype.

Dr. Janke holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Widener University in Philadelphia and a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. She received her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Indiana University in Bloomington along with a minor degree in Spanish Language, following intensive studies at the Universidad de Sevilla.

Dr. Janke currently works as a consultant in the fields of forensic and clinical psychology and continues to consult in the areas of threat assessment and protective security. She is the Director of Special Projects for Hunter Global Security Strategies, an international security and investigative firm. Additionally, Dr. Janke taught Abnormal Psychology and the Psychology of Crime and Violence at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. through 2021.

In April of 2020, Dr. Janke’s book, ‘The Protector: A Woman’s Journey from the Secret Service to Protecting VIPs in the World’s Most Dangerous Places’ was published. It is a memoir of her life as told through the exciting and dangerous missions she accepted as one of the few females in the world of international executive protection agents.

You can find more information about Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke's services and bio here.

You can find her book here.

colin tansley.jpg

Colin Tansley

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Presentation Title: Online Due Diligence, essential tools for EP operators

Description: In this session, Colin will talk about the value of Open-Source Intelligence Gathering in the context of protective services. How it can be used in different settings to provide visibility on potential threats, and insights into clients, individuals, companies, and locations.

The intention is to provide practical tips and knowledge for operators at all levels. There will be time at the end of the session for Q&A.

Bio: Colin is the founder and Managing Director of Intelect Group. His company, based in the UK specialises in risk and security management. With forty years of experience in his career as a police officer and investigator he helps compliance officers and their businesses stay safe, secure, and more compliant with laws and procedures, He has travelled across the world during his career, frequently delivering his acclaimed Internet Investigative Skills for Customer Due Diligence to a diverse client base. His expertise is also regularly called upon for insights into online investigative techniques including threats posed by the Dark Web. He has lectured at Warwick University and the University College Isle of Man on subjects including Cyber Espionage & Professional Investigative Skills, for academic degree programs. Nominated in 2019 as one of the top 10 Due Diligence Service Providers in the industry, and as Asset Tracers of 2022, Intelect pride themselves on their confidential, professional, and ethical investigations. Colin has recently written a book titled ‘Mastering the Wolf’ which is a memoir of his life and experiences in public service including the military, police, and his business.

You can find more information about Colin Tansley's services and bio here.

You can find his book here. 

Fred Burton.jpg

Fred Burton

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Presentation Title: The History and Development of Protective Intelligence


Description: The drivers, history, and development of protective intelligence, including how the art has transformed the security industry. 

Bio: Fred is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Protective Intelligence, security, and counterterrorism. As Executive Director of the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence, he spearheads strategic consulting to physical security leaders at major corporations, advising how to optimize their security programs and streamline protective intelligence initiatives.

You can find more information about Fred Burton's services and bio here.

You can find his books here.

lauren wygant.jpg

Lauren Wygant

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Presentation Title: Sharpening Soft-Skills: HUMINT Applications in Executive Protection

Description: Work Smarter, Not Harder - Learn how subtle but effective HUMINT techniques can be used to target you or your client and how to apply them in your favor to excel at your assignment

Bio: Former CIA Counterterrorism Operations Officer Providing Strategic Security Solutions and
Specialized HUMINT Training for Exclusive Groups of Corporate and Private Clients

You can find more information about Lauren Wygant's services and bio here.

Mike Roche.jpg

Mike Roche

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Presentation Title: Threat Assessments of Mass Killers.


Description: Mass killers erupt from the shadows and inflict carnage on innocent people attending, work, school or public events. The warning signs of these murderers' intentions are often blinking like neon billboards and are overlooked. This presentation examines the behavioral mindset of these assassins and will assist those seeking knowledge of how to stop these killers from murdering innocent people and the resulting psychological trauma associated from these horrific events.

Bio: Mike Roche has over four decades of law enforcement experience. He began his career with the Little Rock Police Department, and spent twenty-six years with the U.S. Secret Service. During fifteen years of his career, he was focused on conducting behavioral threat assessments of those threatening to engage in targeted violence. Mike was also assigned as the Intelligence Liaison to the FBI and CIA headquarters, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). He was an adjunct instructor at Saint Leo University and an instructor for the Alpha Group Center for Crime and Intelligence Analysis. He is the author of several novels and nonfiction work on rapport building and his latest release, Mass Killers: How You Can Identify, Workplace, School, or Public Killers Before They Strike.

You can find more information about Mike Roche's services and bio here.

You can find his books here.

Shawnee Delaney headshot.jpg

Shawnee Delaney

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Presentation Title: Employment Lifecycle Management to Mitigate Insider Threats

Description: An employee’s lifecycle encompasses several stages throughout their career.  This begins with recruitment and concludes with resignation, retirement, or termination.  This talk addresses how organizations can establish an employment lifecycle program in order to give employees consistency throughout their careers and teaches you how to prevent insider threats as a result.  It also provides a framework to understand important interdependencies, touchpoints, interactions, and gaps in insider protection strategies.

Bio: Shawnee Delaney is the founder and CEO of Vaillance Group. Shawnee spent nearly a decade with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as a decorated Clandestine Services Officer (spy) conducting Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations all over the world. She served four combat zone tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Case Officer and Detachment Chief and served as a Supervisory Branch Chief in Europe. After leaving DIA, Shawnee supported the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure and industrial control systems for the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT). Shawnee has built Insider Threat programs for major Fortune 500 companies.  She holds an M.A. in International Policy Studies with a Specialization in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Proliferation, and an M.S. in Cyber Security. She has written articles or been cited on Insider Threat in publications such as the Cipher Brief, Fox Business, the Hill, and the Financial Times, among other international periodicals.

You can find more information about Shawnee Delaney's services and bio here.

Michael Julian.jpg

Michael Julian

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Presentation Title: Introductory 1-hour A.L.I.V.E. training.

Description: The ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Program was developed as a training method for schools, hospitals, government, private businesses, and utilities agencies to train educators, managers, and employees on how to respond effectively for themselves and the individuals under their supervision and care during an active assailant event.

Bio: Michael Julian began working in security and investigations for his father at the age of 16. He is the Creator of the A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training Program, and President/CEO of National Business Investigations, Inc. (NBI) and MPS Security & Protection.

NBI provides Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, and Surveillance Services throughout the United States. After more than 5 decades in business, NBI continues to locate people and assets around the globe and has conducted thousands of civil, criminal, corporate, and industrial investigations.

MPS Security & Protection, the security division of NBI devoted exclusively to the protection of persons and facilities at risk, provides executive protection, risk management, and workplace violence mitigation for corporations, businesses, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and special events throughout the country using a network of proven professionals build over five decades. The uniformed security services division of MPS provides a marked presence at hospitals, utilities agencies, and commercial, industrial, and residentials properties.

Michael created the A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Program and now teaches active shooter survival throughout the world. His book, 10 Minutes to Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E., was published in January 2017, and online active shooter survival training program went live in 2018.

Michael is an expert witness on topics such as security overuse of force, surveillance investigations, security procedures, and personal protection.

You can find information about Michael Julians' services and bio here.

Andreas Venetis.jpg

Andreas Venetis

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Presentation Title: Body Language / A preventive tool in EP operations


Description: Introductory 1-hour training on Associated Body Language Expertise (ABLE) course. The program was developed from the need to educate security personnel on how to develop observational skills and be able to proactively assess a possible threat and take all necessary actions to prevent it from taking place. 

Bio: Andreas Venetis brings 33 years of experience in security services and training. Today he serves as the VP Director of Security & Compliance for TIGRE DE CRISTAL. He is the founder of Venetis Consulting & Training Services (ex V.I.P Protection Group) which is considered to be one of the oldest high-standard training providers in Greece. Founded in 2002 in Athens, the company has been a pioneer in offering training on security and performance-related topics to more than 15,000 individuals and 200 companies in Greece and Europe. In the last 21 years, Andreas has been training staff and executives in Security-related courses, Body Language, Emotional Control, Conflict Management & Communication. Andreas' programs are mainly designed to train people to assess and manage their emotions/thoughts and conflict situations to improve communication, increase performance and raise productivity in the workplace. Andreas holds a Master's degree in Political Sciences & International relations with a specialization in International Security and a Masters's degree in Applied Positive Psychology 
& Coaching Psychology. 

You can find more information about Andreas Venetis' services and bio here.

Nathan Ackerman.jpg

Nathan Ackerman

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Presentation Title: International Travel Risk Management Framework

Description: How to conduct remote travel risk assessments, evaluate regional and location-specific risks as well as how to prepare mitigation and contingency travel plans for your team and clients using a
repeatable framework. 

Bio: Nathan Ackerman is a partner at an international risk management firm based in Washington DC. He is a board-certified security management professional with a primary focus on security operations and risk management strategies for the international development and corporate security management spheres.

Additional focus areas include travel risk management, security training, and information privacy measures.

You can find more information about Nathan Ackerman's services and bio here.

Kelly Sayre Nannyguards

Kelly Sayre

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Presentation Title: Expanding Your Surveillance Team, With Zero Cost

Description: Executive protection teams face the challenge of providing an appropriate level of security for the principal within a specific budget. What if there was a way to give basic observation skills to them and everyone around them? Significant others, family members, staff, and so on? In this session, Kelly will show you how to break down your years and even decades of knowledge on situational awareness skills, in terms and examples the everyday person can relate to, even kids! Giving you extra eyes and ears that know how to articulate observations in an actionable way.

Bio: Kelly Sayre empowers individuals with realistic tactics and tools to help them live life safely and on their own terms. With a grounded approach and high energy, Kelly works with law enforcement, nonprofit, corporate, and youth organizations on emergency preparedness, situational awareness training, and personal safety.

You can find more information about Kelly Sayre's services and bio here.

You can find her book here

Alex Mac_edited.jpg

Alex Mac

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Presentation Title: The implementation of a non-domicile close protection operation



Bio: Following his military and police service and subsequently his directorship of SPG London, Alex has become a globally respected trainer and mentor of high-end commercial close protection and surveillance operatives. For over 20 years, he has personally trained personnel from over 40 law enforcement and specialist military units, from UK SF to foreign specialists encompassing over 20 countries.
As a respected CPO, Alex has been engaged at the very top tier of the close protection and private security industry. He has received numerous accolades regarding his professional conduct from, not only the British Royal Family but numerous heads of State and government bodies across the globe.

Alex has extensive experience in all theatres, including covert operations on 5 continents. Even today he continues to remain operational in the genres of close protection, crisis management, counter-terrorism, physical surveillance, and intelligence gathering. In addition to the above, he is a seasoned unarmed combat instructor having developed bespoke task-specific training. This encompasses all aspects of protective duties, from the Kubotan impact weapon to handcuffs, batons, edged weapons, improvised weapons, and CT search techniques. To date, his training has been used to great effect by a multitude of both government organizations and private contractors alike.

You can find more information about Alex Mac's services and bio here.


Dr. George DeBusk

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Presentation Title: Standards for Medical Sponsorship in Protective Security

Description: In this presentation attendees will learn why is it incumbent on protective security agencies to employ some manner of medical sponsorship. What are the medico-legal considerations and ramifications of providing medical care without medical sponsorship. What 3 key criteria must a medical director provide his/her protective security clients. What qualities & qualifications should a medical director possess when being hired to provide medical oversight and direction for executive protection agencies and what are the various ways executive protection agencies can employ a medical sponsor.

Bio: Dr. DeBusk is a practicing trauma surgeon, intensive care physician, and medical director for protective security companies, EMS, and law enforcement agencies. He is the owner of Aspitha, LLC, which provides medical sponsorship for protective security clients worldwide.

Dr. DeBusk also provides direct medical
care for private patients and their families as a concierge medical doctor. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Special Operations Medicine and works with special operations medical personnel in law
enforcement and the military.

He is also an invited instructor in surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.
Dr. DeBusk was recently tasked with creating a set of medical standards for protective security personnel working at all levels worldwide. In addition, Dr. DeBusk has created multiple training courses offered
through his company, Aspitha, to instruct and guide EP agents with advanced medical backgrounds on how to function as in-house medical directors for their respective protective security companies.

You can find information about Dr. George DeBusk's services and bio here.

kristin lenardson.jpg

Kristin Lenardson

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Presentation Title: Private Sector Intel

Description: The discussion will include how private sector intel programs add value to supporting all security operations and departments of an organization. Additionally, how to utilize tactical and strategic intelligence to better understand potential disruptions, threats, and reputational concerns to your organization and how intel can provide clarity around complex threat situations. The discussion will touch on how private sector intelligence uses the traditional analytical methodology to assess large amounts of disparate data to identify threats and provide situational awareness. Finally, we'll discuss how there has been a transition to how Intelligence Analysts have been advising outside of traditional geopolitical security.

Bio: Kristin is the Vice President, of Embedded Intelligence Services, U.S., Crisis24, where she 

works with over 80 analysts on the Managed Risk Services team, across six countries. The Embedded Intelligence Services (EIS) team is assigned to clients full-time where they are embedded in client teams and tailor intelligence to their specific requirements.

Kristin has over 20 years of experience as a private and public sector Intelligence Analyst, including 10 years spent with the FBI. Her long track record with Fortune 500 companies includes executive protection, physical security programs, and facilitating and managing change at all levels of intelligence.

She holds the deep conviction that risk-based analysis and proactive intelligence can directly impact the security of organizations. And as a certified executive protection agent, she is always ready and able to put on her bodyguard gear and return to the field if needed. Kristin started out working for the FBI at 22 right out of college, first as a contractor through a security firm and then on the force, where she worked outside of Chicago on violent crime, domestic and international terrorism, and white-collar crime for about 10 years. Her talents were repurposed for terrorism after 9/11 and she did a stint in Iraq supporting coalition forces. In the private sector, she worked in the executive protection program at Capital One and Abbott Laboratories, among other companies, running global security ops centers and managing executive protection and Intelligence services. Kristin is currently on the Chair of the Mentor Committee for the ASIS Executive Protection Community. She is the current Chair of the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals (AIRIP) Protective Intelligence Committee and is a mentor for the Overseas Advisory Council Women in Security program. Kristin is also a founding Board Member and Past-President of the International Protective Security Board. 

You can find more information about Kristin Lenardson's services and bio here.

Diana (JD) Elkin_edited.jpg

JD Elkin

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Presentation Title: Hacking Cybersecurity


Description: This presentation covers the basics of cybersecurity. We will cover common attack methods and how to spot them, ensuring that our own devices are being used safely, and how to avoid becoming a target. Through easy to understand cybersecurity practices we can ensure that ourselves and our clients remain cyber-resilient.

Bio: JD is the founder and managing partner of Method Intelligence Ltd, an innovative security and strategic analysis organization specializing in security consulting. 

Over the last 20+ years, JD has been committed to making an impact on the security and intelligence fields. She is a highly experienced physical security and cybersecurity specialist with a long history of management and leadership. Her passion is in process and methodology creation and development and in blending unconventional disciplines in response to the ever-changing realm of security challenges faced by organizations today.

You can find more information about JD Elkin's services and bio here.

Wheat, Treston.jpg

Dr. Treston Wheat

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Presentation Title: Critical Thinking for the Security Professional

Description: Security professionals deal with a myriad of complicated and stressful events that often require speedy assessments before making decisions. But how do security professionals know they're accurately assessing information? Heuristics and biases can often cloud judgments and lead to poor decision making. This presentation will go through the important mechanisms of critical thinking and formal logic that will help security professionals better assess those critical situations they face by guarding against bias and mental shortcuts.

Bio: Dr. Treston Wheat is a red team intelligence analyst with Milestone Technologies focusing on threat actor/TTP research, wargaming, and alternative analysis. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s International Politics program teaching on intelligence analysis. Previously, he worked as a strategic cybersecurity analyst and geopolitical risk analyst for AS Solution. In 2022, Treston participated in the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ National Security Fellows Program and won the inaugural Andrew Marshall Foundation grand prize for his paper on multinational tech corporations and the balance of power in Asia (see here). He received his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) with a dissertation on Augustinian just war theory and drone warfare, and during that time taught classes on American government, the presidency, and political cinema. He also received his B.A. in Political Science and History from UTK and his M.A. in Security Studies from Georgetown University.

You can find more information about Dr. Treston Wheat's services and bio here.

chris story.jpg

Chris Story

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Presentation Title: Covert Protective Details

Description: In this one-hour discussion of Covert Protection, the participant will gain a solid understanding of what covert protection is, and isn’t, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the technique when properly applied.

Bio: Chris Story is the Senior Consultant & Specialty TrainerEnablement Advisors. 

You can find information about Chris Story's services and bio here.​

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