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Watchful Webinars

Nannyguards are offering a series of free educational webinars for childcare professionals and parents. The webinars, titled ‘’Watchful’’, will teach anyone who is involved with a child's well-being how to identify threats and how to make a safer and more secure environment for them. We believe that all people, despite their position, affiliation, or relationship, must be taught situational awareness and be ‘’Watchful’’.


Being in this ‘’Watchful ‘’ state will make safer families and more secure communities. There will be a limited number of participants for each webinar as this is an interactive online activity. You will be able to raise your questions and participate in real-time with our instructors.


Among others, you will be taught topics on:

• Situational Awareness

• Sexual Predators

• Anti-stalking

• Safe at Home

• Safe Outdoor

• Safe Travelling with children



Ever Learning, Ever Watchful!


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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