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About Nannyguards®

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NANNYGUARDS® and MANNYGUARDS® is the world’s first category-creating hybrid nanny/manny with security training offered only by Athena Academy & Athena Worldwide.  We provide nannies and mannies with an unparalleled level of situational awareness through our intense training held at our training centers. 

Nannies and Mannies learn skills that take their level of expertise to a new level. Not only does a nanny or manny go through an extensive background investigation by our contracted private investigation firm, but they go through an intensive basic course that teaches them skills to provide above-average ability to protect the children in their charge.


NANNYGUARDS® and MANNYGUARDS® work for celebrities, sports stars, CEOs, traveling families, and everyday average families who understand the need for a NANNYGUARD® goes beyond celebrity status.

NANNYGUARDS® are trained in several disciplines including situational awareness,  advance planning, travel Security, Security protocol in-house, safety around the children, defensive driving, weapon education, evacuation with children, and many other Security-related drills and topics directly related to the protection of children in their charge.  

The NANNYGUARDS®/MANNYGUARDS® training course is not standard close protection/executive protection training. 

The NANNYGUARD® course is specific to the nuances of caring for a child’s emotional, physical, social, creative and, intellectual development while caring for their Safety and Security.

NANNYGUARDS® and MANNYGUARDS® bring a level of conscious proactive and situational aware mindset to any family.  We believe that no family regardless of wealth should be without a nanny or manny that has anything less than our training.  Instead of NANNYGUARDS® operating with blinders on, MANNYGUARDS® and NANNYGUARDS® operate with a greater understanding of risk and are keenly aware of how to adopt risk management in families to bring greater peace of mind all while caring for the appropriate developmental needs of children.

Female Bodyguards for Child Protection