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St. Maarten Island Needs More Female Bodyguards

Here is an excerpt from a report in the St. Marten Island Times.  It says what no article has when it says that having female bodyguards as part of the team is “tactically better”.  We appreciate that becase the niche that women bodyguards fill is becoming increasingly understood.  We want female bodyguards to be taken seriously and treated with the same respect as their male counter-parts and it appears that in the Dutch Island of St. Maarten that female bodyguards are valued.

– Denida Zinxhiria, CPSS

More women bodyguards needed The AD says the head of the Royal and Diplomatic Security Service (DKDB), Dick Pijl, has signaled a recruitment drive for women bodyguards. At present, only six of about 300 DKDB workers are female. 

Mr Pijl admits that VIP bodyguards “have the image of just being bruisers” but argues that “there is far more observation than brute force involved in providing personal security”.

He believes women “perhaps have better communication skills” and “are also necessary to prevent a macho culture” in the service. He also thinks some women VIPs prefer having female bodyguards. 

He goes on: “We also need women because the combination of men and women is tactically better and less conspicuous. A single man is more noticeable than a couple”.

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