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Shah Rukh Khan hires bodyguards for his son Aryan

For those who are not familiar with Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is considered one of the country's biggest actors with a net worth of 750 million dollars. His son found himself involved in a bad situation and of course as with many cases, the parents decided to assign security for him, but it was already too late.

Children of celebrities and HNW individuals can be endangered not only physically, but they can, in many circumstances, also find themselves in embarrassing situations.

"Shah Rukh Khan has made some important measures for his son’s security. Reports suggest that the actor and his wife Gauri Khan are too worried and concerned about Aryan and hence have decided to have a bodyguard with him now. However with SRK stepping out of the city for work it is said that instead of hiring a new security person for Aryan, the actor will have his most trusted personal security Ravi Singh allotted to his son. Shah Rukh Khan believes that his son is quite a reserved lad and won’t be comfortable soon enough with a new person and hence SRK decided to have their trusted bodyguard Ravi Singh be with his son as he steps out of the city."


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