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Do female close protection operatives aka bodyguards have to act and look like male bodyguards?

Breaking the myth of a female bodyguard acting like a man.

Lately, it has come to my attention, the fact that some clients looking to hire  female bodyguards are asking how many black belts in martial arts the bodyguard has  and how huge and threatening does she look?  Is it enough to consider ones martial arts skills or size or gruff appearance?

Well, first of all, we have to clarify that a female bodyguard is not only trained in  martial arts.  In fact, it is far more important for females in executive protection to learn the business as a whole.  This includes protective intelligence, advance operations and security contingencies.  Some bodyguard training courses start their training from 3 days (we will discuss another time what you should look before booking yourself in a training course) and goes until 10 days and in some cases even longer.   However, any course, no matter the length of training days is never enough to learn all the appropriate skills to becoming a bodyguard (female bodyguard), much less an accomplished martial arts practitioner.  Both male and female close protection agents need to hone their hand-to-hand combat skills that are needed to fend of an attacker.  Also, it is important that whether your looking to hire a female bodyguard or you are already a female close protection agent that you establish an annual training plan.

Female bodyguards are hired for reasons that suit the clients particular needs.  A female bodyguard should be just as poised and polished as her male counterpart as she fills the same roll.  However, female bodyguards sometimes are projected as a woman with tattoos, leather vests and short hair with spikes.  This just is not the case.  Female bodyguards should maintain the look that best suits their clients needs and above all – always looking professional and fit the environment and the event.

A bodyguard is much more than a huge person who can punch and throw a threat down.  If the clients wants someone to hold the enemy down then he could hired a wrestler.  The most important is not how to react during the attack but how to prevent the attack. How many martial arts or wrestlers can guaranty you that they will get out an attack without any injuries? In a bodyguard team what is well known as a react on an attack is parry the attack and helped the clients to escape into a secure zone.  They don’t stay and continue the fight with the attacker.  During my career I have worked with and train small sizes female bodyguards who had the same exact training and professional exposure as their male colleagues.  They had enough training in how to prevent the attack and even how to react during one without losing their femininity.  So if you are someone who needs to hire a female bodyguard we would recommend you to look first the training she has gone through, do they fit you and your personality and environment.  Are they if they are certified and authorized.  We would say ‘’the mind comes first and the size second’’.

Those that are wanting to be female bodyguards need to understand that you may be who you want to be.  But, its important to know that the more you can remain versatile the more work you will obtain.  Those wanting to hire a female bodyguard have choices.  Don’t hire because you are looking for beauty, but hire based upon their ability to protect you and the more they assimilate into your environment the less you become a target.

Those that train with Athena Academy Female Bodyguard course learn important skills in presentation and etiquette.  Find out more by visiting

Denida Zinxhiria

Athena Academy Founder

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