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Britney Spears Female Bodyguard and Dancer

Yes, it is possible that Britney Spears has a female bodyguard that also doubles as dancer.  Check out the momentary action at the 2:17 mark.

One of the clear advantages to hiring women bodyguards is that they can mix or assimilate into most all environments.   Female bodyguards have the same training as male bodyguards, but also can provide close protection services in places where men can not, like with Saudi royal families and other Middle-Eastern situations where a woman can not be protected by men due to their customs.  Additionally, women are more low key and discreet, not calling attention to their clients.  

All though we can’t confirm that this dancer is a female bodyguard it appears that she did attempt to intercept the  fan whose name has been reported as Kyle King.  We should also not that a male dancer too helped remove the fan from the stage.

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