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Are you vetting your nannies?

Do you know who is taking care of your children and your household? A 28-year-old woman who was working as a nanny and housekeeper for a family in Greece was arrested on charges of child pornography. Authorities found naked pictures of the children she was hired to take care of, in her phone, which she had sent and shared with others. The woman is being under investigation for any involvement with child trafficking and child pornography organizations. Before you hire someone make sure you vet them and depending on their roles you may need to vet them every day.

No one who works for your household or you children should ever have to take pictures of the house, your vehicles, or your children. Parents have to start being more on alert and pay attention to things, even those who work in the same household, it's not spying on your colleague, it's keeping an eye to mitigate risks and keep the family you work for safe. We see many nannies in related groups posting pictures of them with children of their charge. It may be "innocent and cute pics" but you are exposing another one's child on social media. Read more about this case in the link, although the article is in Greek, google translate can give you an idea about the story.

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