If you are a Nanny or a Manny and would like to be more marketable, learn a valuable skill set, and raise your training to the next level, then join us.  We are the first and original. 


Our process is without question the finest in the world and the results are incredible.



Bodyguards OR Nannies?


NANNYGUARDS® are experienced nannies with specific training in the protection of children from intentional and unintentional acts of harm.  They may work for a family as an employee or as the children's bodyguard.


However, an employer-employee relationship is required if the NANNYGUARD® does not have a license to operate as a security contractor in most states of the USA.

Generally speaking, nannies are responsible for the general welfare of children and this includes their security and safety.


Our program teaches nannies how to protect children as a bodyguard would, in conjunction with their responsibilities as a nanny.  Nannyguards® are free to choose whether to market their skills to Security companies with proper licensing or market themselves to nanny agencies or directly to families in the capacity of a Child Protection Specialist (CPS) or a nanny.

What Do I Get In a Nannyguard®

NANNYGUARDS® are extremely versatile and provides you with the greatest level of versatility among traditionally trained nannies.


Nannyguards® are nannies/mannies and have all the skills, posture, and attitude of any caregiver that looks after children.   The fact that they go through our process tells you that these are high-caliber individuals.  The training they receive means that they can meet unexpected needs you may not know you have.  Even if you are not the latest to break out with a reality television series you're no different from every parent who wants to see that when their children are not with them, that they have every aspect cared for including their Safety and Security.

When a Nannnyguard
® is placed with you they first evaluate the job of a nanny.  Secondly, Nannyguards® will ask questions and observe other aspects you did not consider, especially those revolving around Safety concerns and Security exposures.


Your Nannyguard® will do things such as establishing emergency protocol, disaster preparedness and ensure fire suppression materials are nearby.  In other words, they are prepared for potential eventuality and look after such things as smoke detectors, ensuring chemicals are out of reach from young ones and ensuring that plans are put in place for any known direct threats to the children in their charge. In some cases, depending upon the particulars of your family needs, Nannyguards® will evaluate routes to and from schools, research any known sex offenders in your community and work with any other estate Security or Security details working with other family members.



***Nannyguards® maintains the right to decline with no further explanation of any training application.***  

***Nannyguards®  maintains the right to change training topics, curriculum, and instructors according to class needs until the first day of class.***

Female Bodyguards for Child Protection